Sports & Games

Sports Activities

If it is brain ticklers like chess which help in the mental growth and intelligence, there is facility not only to play in a quiet comfortable environment, but facilities for coaching too. Our students have participated therefore not only in inter-house competitions, but have brought laurels for the school at the district and state level competitions. Carom, gymnastics are some of the other indoor games which children have the choice to play and learn.

Outdoor games like cricket, badminton, handball and basket-ball,gymnastics,archery are only some of the games which children can play and enjoy.

The state-of- the- art basket ball courts facilitate practices without depending on the moods of the weather. The schools have the best trainers for all sports and their efforts have seen our students participate in skating and karate at the district and state level. The Management encourages sports talent and has often assisted sports passion with scholarships and sponsorships.









The School has been divided into four houses for the purpose of providing competitive spirit among the pupils in academics, sports , games and co-curricular activites. The houses are





*All named after great characters from the epic Mahabharata

House wise competitions are organized through out the year