Feed Back

Appreciation for Sports Day

” End is not the end, if fact E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies” “

Abdul Kalam Former Indian President

I was wondering whether i have entered my school seeing your students who were assembled in the Ground in their respective duties then their plentiful parade the way of honor to Chief Guest is so splendid! Especially the cute kids parade and entire program was Awesome!!

The way you have organized the program shows the effort you have taken.

This is my fourth year for your school’s sports day ,myself as a Parent and as a viewer like  to appreciate your school’s growth under your Leadership.

Hats off to you and your wonderful Team and Management.

My Heartiest wishes for all.

Kind Regards
Father of DK.Padminnibala IX STD


Appreciation for Art of Parenting

It was indeed a very enlightening session. Speaker was young and energetic that he was able to takeaway the whole crowd. TEN COMMANDMENTS were highlighted. Each point that was discussed were appropriately worded and stood beyond expectations. Words are not enough to appreciated the school authorities for organizing such a session understanding the need of the hour. It’s of immense help for us to handle our children in the best way henceforth.



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S.Indira M/o S.I. Kiran Aditya X-A1

Appreciation for Annual Day

I have no words to say about the program it is awe-inspiring it gave the curiosity for the next program it started like formula 1 Car race each and every event was unique, predominantly the Orchestra, Avatar and butterfly lighting dance made everyone to excite. nevertheless it was raining 85% of parent where eagerly waiting for enduring program it was a great success for your hard exertion.
I am the witness, seeing the next level of growth, in all manners under your guidance with unconditional support.

Its my pleasure to thank the Magnificent Honorable Chairman who is devoted in the development of the school and staff.

My best wishes.

Kind Regards
Father of DK.Padminnibala IX STD

Jai guru dev. my daughter is studying in your school for the past three years. First i would like appreciate you for giving a colourful school day function. Apart from rain disturbance everything was fantastic. All the children performed very nicely. This year stage appearance also seemed very good. If falling curtains were placed in between each program it would had been more suspensible.
Regarding choosing chief guest of such school day program, guest inspiration talk must be powerful weapon to all the children as well as parents. I felt some thing missing this year. We know that management decision is behind that.But please try to concentrate such sensitive things in future. I thank all the teaching staff, non teaching staff,especially management team for making a colourful occasion. Thank u for your kind coordination and expecting the same in future…..

Rajesh T